Hello everyone! My name is Charley Howe, I am currently a soph0more at Wheaton College, and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You have reached my blog for my Digital Writing class that I took in the fall of the 2011-2012 school year with Tanya Rodrigue.  Please feel free to look around to see what I did this semester!

This blog consists of entries that I did to follow up readings that the class explored as well as a variety of digital projects I created and their reflections. Before each class we were assigned a reading that related to an aspect of digital writing.  They helped me fully understand the transformation that digital technology and new media have taken when it comes to aspects of writing and expressing yourself through different modes.  While the readings were, in general, an important part of learning more about this new age of writing, the projects helped me to see first-hand how I can extend the ways in which I personally can get involved in this type of writing.  Never before would I ever think to create a comic, nor did I think it would come out very well.  But through the readings and learning the background of creating in genres such as this, I was able to successfully make two unique comics.  I learned how to use a variety of different tools and how important the computer has become in this digital writing world.  I also created three videos that each individually taught me the importance of computer technology and story planning.

Overall, this class has opened my eyes to the transformation of digital writing.  Realizing how important computers and other new technology are to us makes me realize how powerful new media can really be.  From the first day, the class was fully submerged in this digital world and we all learned how to successfully work with a variety of computer tools that we have never used before.  My knowledge of using technology like this has greatly increased and this class helped me learn many things that I can now carry on through the rest of my classes and future.  Thanks Prof R.!


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