DIY Reflection

For my DIY project, I was stuck between doing some sort of remix with a genre of music that I love or attempting to make a music video.  While I began both of these projects, they didn’t seem to work out as I was hoping, so I did something a little more personal.  I chose to create a digital story of my love for live music, which worked out perfectly.
A digital story is a computer-created video that includes pictures, videos, music, text and usually the creators voice telling a story to the audience.  The story that the author is telling reflects directly on the visuals being displayed so viewers can see the bigger picture.  Not all digital stories include an audio voice-over, but when they do, it definitely adds to the connection that the author gives to the audience.  Digital stories are usually personal, focus on a certain topic, and display a specific point of view.
I wasn’t sure which tools to use in order to create this type of video other than using iMovie, so I decided to stick with that since I had already used it before.  This way I was able to incorporate images, text, videos, a picture book theme, and my voice-over.  The theme that I chose was able to start me off in the right direction and get me in the mindset of telling a story to the viewers.  It helped emphasize that I wasn’t just reporting or telling a story, but was trying to get across that something like live music can become part of a life style and a hobby.
After exploring many different digital stories and trying to see which route people took in creating their videos, I decided that the most important aspect of what I wanted to do was tell my story, and through that, I wrote my script.  I wrote down everything that I wanted to tell my audience that was important to me and what I thought was necessary.  Talking about how much I like music wouldn’t explain everything, so I had to really emphasize the fact that going to concerts isn’t only a hobby, but it’s a my therapy.  For pictures and videos that I included I had to scan my computer for as many as I had taken and I was able to find videos on YouTube of shows that I had attended.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed creating a digital story as I had free range to be as creative as I wanted.  It was my chance to take something I loved and knew a lot about and make it interesting to where the audience would enjoy what I was saying, and hopefully enjoy live shows themselves.
While there are many other ways to tell a story like the one I told, using a computer instead of just creating a storybook or something like that helped me to incorporate different aspects that I wouldn’t be able to any other way.  I was able to use music, videos and my voice in order to bring it all together.  The video wouldn’t be able to connect to the audience in the way that it does if anything from it was missing.  Without personal pictures, my story may not be as easy to understand.  Without videos, they may not know what the kind of live music and festivals I attend are truly like.  As I have never used my own voice over any type of video, it became the most important aspect that allowed me to truly tell my audience why this unique hobby has become such a special part of my life.
This was the first class that I have ever worked with so many different digital genres before where I was able to express my thoughts and ideas.   This genre truly brought everything together as I was able to put a true meaning to what I was talking about and emphasize that this was something I was really passionate about.  Without the variety of modes I used, it wouldn’t have come together as nicely.  These different modes get the viewers interested in what I’m talking about and cause them to want to want to listen.  Without the different options I had, I don’t think I would have been able to ever create such a personal story yet include such an important meaning to it.


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