YouTube Culture


YouTube was launched in 2005 by a few employers of PayPal.  It started off as just a website aiming to remove the technical barriers to widespread internet sharing of videos, but seemed to turn into much more.  It became a huge public collaboration, allowing members to upload as many videos as they chose, connect with other members, and watch as whatever video they chose, all with ease.  With videos ranging from tutorials, comical jokes, remixes, music videos, and even clips of movies and shows, YouTube has provided the public with virtually anything they are looking for, and that’s how it became so popular.  It allows everyone to share online and lets almost anything up.  Looking at what the ‘About Us’ page said back in 2005, makes YouTube seem so much different.
“Show off your favorite videos to the world
Take videos of your dogs, cats and other pets
Blog the videos you take with your digital camers or cell phone
Securely and privately show videos to your friends and family
around the world
. . . and much, much more!”

Looking at this, it doesn’t seem like the creators were expecting YouTube to become such a sensation.  Now with the sloagan “Broadcast Yourself”, it is evident that you can find almost anything.  This allows users to share anything theyed like, allowing others to view anything theyd like.  With so much effort being put in by people around the world, we can essentially say that YouTube is run by its users.  Without them, the site wouldn’t exist.  By uploading such a wide array of videos, YouTube has become its own little virtual world that can be explored for hours.  What’ s so unique about it is that each video that comes up under a search has been put up by a different person.  It is simply up there to share and benefit others.


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