YouTube as a Social Network


YouTube serves as a social networking site through its videos.  They serve as a communication vehicle and point to social clustering.  Users are on this site all day watching, commenting, critiquing and uploading videos.  Many have created a little world with one another where they subscribe and follow to keep updated on what their virtual peers are doing.  They talk to one another over their videos and often post videos of a similar kind to relate to one another.  Many of the more popular video posters are from large corporations or music artists, who post more official, copyrighted material.  YouTube is all about trial and error.  You don’t know when your video will get very many hits, or what the public will ultimately enjoy.  That’s why this site is labeled in the article as a “network of creative practice.” The website is designed for collaborative participation and helps people to do such in a very easy manner.  YouTube has also allowed sharing to be so easy that people can communicate by sending one another clips and links to what YouTube has to offer.  While it is certainly used to express yourself and share with those on the sight, a main function is sharing.  Digital literacies come from learning how to upload, communicate and collaborate through YouTube.  It is the way of understanding what to upload that will catch the publics eye and how to get your material noticed.


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