Copyright, The Public Domain, and Creative Commons


The copyright law gives credit to the creator of a specific work, allowing them to take ownership over all uses of this material unless given permission or the user has been demanded a payment in order to use.  This law stands in the way of many things and can almost make creating works extremely difficult since there are many things you have to be careful about.

The public domain consists of works that have expired copyrights or works that can not be copyrighted.  Mainly files that were created before 1923 exist in the public domain since their rights have long expired.  These files are open to the general public for use where no property exists.  In Bound By Law?: Tales from the Public Domain, they talk in depth about public files and incidents where copyrights take place, where they often necessarily shouldn’t.  Through incidental tapings or anything of the such where there is something in the background that they don’t have rights to, that is considered copyrighted material, and they will be fined no matter what.  I personally was amazed by this.  I never knew that even by capturing the Simpsons in the background of a film or capturing a sports game where a fan yells the line of a famous song can have such strict rights.   I think the fair use law should come into play more often.

Creative commons is a website that allows the public to go and create legally through the laws of the Internet and copyrighted material. It comes in handy when you aren’t sure what can be of use on the Internet.   Since there are so many rights surrounding the uses of such material, this website allows the public to build upon free use material in between the legal limits.


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