What Is A Remix??


I personally found all three videos to be extremely interesting.  I’ve never thought so in-depth about remixes nor have I noticed how much is remixed.  I was amazed by the first video that talked about Led Zeppelin and how much they took from other artists.  It caused me to take a step back and think about other music I listen to on a daily basis is taken from other musicians.  I was also amazed by the second video when it showed all the movies that have copied one another and replicated scenes from previous movies.  It almost ruins some movies when you see what’s not “original.”  It is interesting how essentially everything is a remix.  Even Bob Dylan used 11 covers for his first album, which I thought to be pretty incredible, let alone shocking.  The youth have taken copying to a whole new level when it comes to this specific type of “copying.”  The last video touched upon computers and the evolution of them and how each one took something from another.  It has come, and made easier through technology like the computer, that remixes are developed through copying, transforming, and combining.


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  1. tylersantos
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 19:17:21

    I too found it slightly depressing when I saw a lot of material that I liked wasn’t original. Most of the music I listen to is rap so there are a lot of remixes to be expected there, but movies “stealing” ideas from other movies, in my eyes, doesn’t have the same wow factor that an artist brings when they remix a song and make it better. I don’t know, remixing a song I see is more-less a creative touch as long as they alter the song a bit, but when movies steal parts from other movies I do not see it as remixing, I just see it as stealing. Know what I mean?


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