Carr and Hyperlinking

Through Carrs article, Is Google Making Us Stupid?, we notice the wide use of hyperlinks that he uses to back up his argument.  A hyperlink is a link in any type of document that is clickable and will lead the reader to a new article, where they are given further information to better their knowledge on the topic. He collaborates with many other authors who have written about their knowledge and ideas on Carr’s topic.  Carr uses these links mainly as references for when he is sharing an idea.  When he quoted Clive Thompson, he led the reader with a hyperlink straight to the source of Clive’s article.  This gives more of an idea of whom he is quoting and what that person is generally talking and writing about.  Another way he uses the links is when he sends the reader to blogs that Carr follows.  These give the reader more knowledge about blogging, what people are blogging about, and where Carr is getting his ideas from.  With links to biography’s, blogs, interviews, articles, observations, and even an amazon page where you can buy a specific book he talked about, these hyperlinks generally make it easy for readers to get a stronger grasp on the point that Carr is trying to make.

Granted, hyperlinks can be of distraction and annoyance to many readers, but for the most part, they are just there to help.   They may cause you to get side-tracked or lost in what you are currently doing, but if you are able to follow what the author is trying to lead you through, they can be of much assistance.  I enjoy being able to gain a better knowledge on side ideas of what authors are talking about, and if they are not hyperlinked, I often will look them up.  These links serve as an easy click access to what you are looking for.


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