What is Digital Writing??


In this technology-driven world, a pen and paper rarely play the role that they used to.  This has caused us to turn to “digital writing.”  Computers and other electronics allow us to now digitally type out papers, letters, articles, journals and many more by the swift, memorized movements of our fingers.  Even art can come in to play a role in digital writing with cartoons and videos streamed over the Internet.  We can now share, save, edit, and print with a few quick clicks, and never before have shared documents such as personal “blogs” been so popular.

Growing up in such a society that is so digitized, public, and constantly changing, we, especially those of the younger generation, must keep up with the wave of digital writing.  Technology has been trying to make it easier for us to succeed in the workplace or in school, but often we don’t realize that with so many resources, we get caught up in what we know, but it is impossible to stay completely “in-the-now.”  Yet, we are now taught in school what and how to write digitally, so much as writing by hand has become quite uncommon.   The article Because Digital Writing Matters, talked about how this type of writing will not help students when it comes to their higher education or even future workplace, which is definitely the case these days.

In the case for many students, the Internet is a place to go for research.  It is easily accessible, you can find what you’re looking for, and its right there to read.  It is uncommon to search for full books in libraries or even read a full novel that is assigned.  We have summaries, notes, and files that get us straight to the point.  Authors often go unrecognized and they’re work is often unappreciated.  Technology has allowed fast access, which causes us not want to spend the time fully reading or researching.  This has also caused writing to become more casual and informal.  With everything so accessible on the Internet, copyright rules take place, which many people at one point or another, have tiptoed around.  Most of the time because we don’t know about them, or we don’t notice that we are doing something illegal by the click of two buttons.  At times we need to take a step back and realize what allows this easy access of the Internet, and look around to other recourses.

It is interesting to see how this wave of technology has transformed writing.  We don’t look to newspapers, books, or articles for reading anymore, its all online.  Many people have been forced to jump on this new ship and change their professions since there is no market in hard copies anymore.  It was personally interesting for me to see my dad, who used to own and sell newspapers, have to completely switch over to digital news.  Luckily he saw this coming many years ago and his business is playing a huge roll in the digital world.  It will be fascinating to see what how this new writing progresses through the years and whether everything will become completely digital.



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